Without even realizing there comes a day into the life of every one of us in which we struggle financially. It is a very common occurrence and nothing to be ashamed of.

Usually grim days like this are the ones at the end of the month. Our pay day is so close and we have done a great job of managing our money but somehow, something popped up and we had no other option but to break the bank.

To combat this you either have to be a millionaire or have a passive side income. Now a millionaire would be the best alternative, but having a side income isn’t so bad if nothing else is on the table.

A great way to make this passive income is through betting. Many types of them exist and if managed correctly they can be fun and provide us a lot of profit.

On the many sports that you can bet on, Tennis is a really unique one. From the fact that it is a very simple procedure to bet to the potential of income these bets provide, it indeed is something not to be missed.

If you are unsure on how to proceed on your tennis betting shenanigans, don’t worry, everything is hard at first. The key here are the odds, your tennis odds.

What Do Tennis Betting Odds Mean?

Tennis odds are the same as any type of odds in any other betting category. It is the crucial part of the equation that determines how much you will earn if you win the bet.

When it comes to tennis there are three main ways of how odds are presented. Which ones you will encounter depends on where you live. “Moneyline” odds if you are in North America, “Fractional” odds if you are in the UK and “Decimals” in Europe and the rest of the world.

So now that we know about tennis odds, let’s check out the betting system itself. There are three main betting types which we are going to cover right now. Also at www.bonuscorner.com you can read more about tennis betting.

    1. Pre-Tournament Betting:

This is somewhat self-explanatory, these are the type of bets that you make before a certain tournament has started. You can bet on a huge amount of things such as; the outright winner, the runner up and so on.

A common technique used on pre-tournament betting is to bet on a certain player that they will be the outright winner and you back up your bet with another bet. In the second bet you bet that your chosen player will at least be a runner up. If said player wins you win both bets, if they are runner up you win one of the bets…

    1. Pre-Match Betting:

Again the term is all we need to understand. This is the type of bet that you make before a match starts in a tournament. You can bet on the winner, you can bet on the final result and so on.

These bets usually are very tempting, keep in mind that you should always keep you “Tennis odds” in your favor. Although bigger odds mean bigger reward they also mean less chance of a reward.

    1. Tournament Outright Bets:

This is one of the most appealing form of betting there is. Such bets are simple, you bet on the athlete that you think will win the entire tournament.

Betting is always fun and there usually isn’t large risks that come with participation. Remember to keep the tennis odds on your favor and other than having you should be fine!